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marketing for IT | March 9, 2017

The First Step in Hiring Super ‘Marketing for IT’ Stars Is by Verifying Their Reading List!

Marketing for ITHave you ever asked about a candidate’s reading list when hiring a marketing for IT position? This may, at first, seem like a silly idea. After all, you’re not hiring a book reviewer, you’re hiring a salesperson. However, a superstar salesperson is one who is educated about the industry, about sales techniques, and about what motivates people. This all comes from reading a wide variety of books. When you hire a well-read marketer, you not only bring on a new salesperson, but you also add to your team a strategic partner who can provide enormous value to your clients and prospects.

Why a Varied Reading List is Important

The very best marketing for IT salespeople are those who get to know people and learn what makes them tick. Not only do they know how to sell an IT package or piece of hardware, but they also know how to identify pain points and really understand their prospects. Great salespeople are educated about the economy, human motivation, and building trust. They can talk with prospects about how to create an exercise habit just as easy as they can talk about IT issues. This makes them successful achievers and incredible assets to your team. When your prospects and clients trust your salespeople, they begin to come to them with more questions. This strengthens relationships and makes for happy, long-term clients.

How to Verify Their Reading List

Though it’s possible for salespeople to develop their knowledge base through personal experience, webinars, and other methods, the best way to have a broad knowledge base is through extensive reading. When you interview prospective salespeople, ask them about the last book they’ve read and what their favorite takeaway was. Then ask them how they could use this information in a sales meeting. When you go beyond just asking which books they’ve read, you’re truly putting them to the test. If they’re not readers or don’t think deeply about the information they read, you’ll be able to see it right away.

How Great Salespeople Use Their Reading List in the Sales Process

There are two ways a great salesperson will utilize what they read in the sales process. The first is a subtle way of which prospects won’t even be aware. This knowledge comes from sales-based books and will arm the salesperson with ways to overcome objections, address concerns, and establish trust. The second way is to become a mentor or counselor for the prospect, often in subjects that have nothing to do with what they’re selling. An excellent salesperson will make prospects comfortable talking about everything from politics to procrastination and everything in between.


Your marketing for IT salespeople are often the first point of contact for your prospects and clients. When you have well-read salespeople at the helm of your business, you project an image of trust, experience, and expertise. Test your prospective marketing candidates in the interview to ensure they fit the mold of a well-read and intelligent team member. To learn more about how hiring the right salespeople can benefit your business’ IT marketing, contact us at MSP SEO Factory today.

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