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MSP Business | March 21, 2017

Why Local Marketing Strategies for Your MSP Business Are Essential

MSP Business IconIf you want your MSP business to reach clients ready to buy your products or services, you need to put some thought into local marketing outreach.

Some techniques to consider may include:

Working with other local businesses
Remembering tried and true marketing techniques
Search Engine Marketing (SEM) geared at local markets, aka localized SEO

Working With Other Local Businesses

Your MSP business shouldn’t neglect the tit-for-tat nature of today’s professional tech environment. If you can do something for someone else, they can do something for you. For example, consider how your services may benefit local schools. Perhaps you provide them some service at a discount and in exchange, they include a leaflet pertaining to your MSP in students’ paperwork at the beginning of the year. The leaflet gives the kids technology instructions and has a tasteful advertisement, including your company’s contact information. You will save the district money, and be able to advertise to everyone in the community; meaning you’ll definitely get your business in front of viable prospects.

This is just one example; and though some communities won’t allow local businesses to work with public schools, the principle remains the same across local contacts. Still, finding some local businesses you can work with for exposure is a great way to get your MSP in front of the right eyes. Brainstorm and look at your local community. Who could you work within a quid pro quo alliance?

Remembering Tired and True Marketing Techniques

Don’t quit printing business cards. Put them in all the “win a lunch” buckets at local restaurants; send them to radio station competitions; hand them out to those who might need your MSP’s services. Statistically, if you hand out several hundred, you’re likely to see a few prospects convert to clients down the line. If you get a single $10,000 per year client from $100 spent on 1,000 business cards, that one in 1,000 sale yields a $9,900 return on your investment.

SEM Geared At Local Markets

SEM uses keywords and key phrases related to a specific community to drive traffic toward a website. For example, if you’re from Milwaukee, you should use the phrase “Milwaukee IT support” on every page of your website. This way, when someone does a Google search for “IT support in Milwaukee”, the search algorithm will produce each page with that key phrase. However, you’ve got to have relevant content; you can’t merely stuff keywords into pages or search engine algorithms may reject you. Instead, craft content for your pages and other online outreach efforts with the local community in mind for positive results.

To be able to expand locally, an MSP business would need to market locally. The best way to strengthen your marketing campaigns would be to use services like MSP SEO Factory. We offer in-depth, professionally designed tech marketing solutions including SEO and other cutting-edge techniques. Contact us to see increased effectiveness in local marketing.

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