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IT services marketing | March 1, 2017

Using IT Services Personality Profiles Eliminates Qualified Marketing Candidates!

IT services MarketingThe Human Component

Hiring for an IT services marketing position is difficult. If you’ve decided that “personality profile” is best, “you’re doing it wrong,” to quote the popular phrase. You can’t scientifically categorize personalities into a box, because personalities are in constant flux and don’t represent ability. If you’re in a good mood, whether extroverted or introverted primarily, you’re more likely to get on with disparate individuals and make connections. If you’re in a bad mood, even your most personable personality traits will likely be impossible to communicate. Personality changes in a “microcosmic” sense, transitioning with your own emotional segue— and in a “macroscopic” sense— as you mature. The personality of an ancient elder won’t be the same as that individual in their youth. So as a screening measure, the personality profile ignores one of the most integral components of reality: time.

Quality Restriction

As a matter of fact, personality profiles often keep qualified individuals from getting hired, because such profiles are almost impossible to get right “organically,” and if you’re trying to “fudge it” in favor of that which you believe an employer wants, you’re likewise likely to communicate the wrong thing. Those employees who do pass the personality profile lie intelligently, meaning you don’t get any real insight into them after the fact. If you’re smart, you can pass just about any test just by reading the question, looking at the multiple choice options, and choosing what think best defines the company you’re applying for. But does it mean you really believe the answers you gave? No. The personality profile is more likely to get exactly the wrong people in, than anything else.
Additional disadvantages include:

• Personality assessments take time, which can dissuade potential candidates
• Applicant experience and training often conflicts with test results
• Applicants want to please the interviewer, rather than be honest, discrediting results
• Employees with uniform traits diminish workforce diversity
• Personality tests are expensive: tests, scoring, and time all represent expenses-+
• Even honest, correctly-answered tests don’t determine employee effectiveness

So let’s break it down. It’s going to be timely and expensive for you to test potential employees. Their experience and training will not be upheld or demonstrated by the results of the test. Applicants are likely to lie to impress the interviewer, as tests can’t account for the broad variety of human individuality, so results will be discredited. If you do hire based on the tests, you’ll have a non-diverse workforce which will inhibit operations. The tests themselves must be bought, it takes time to score them, it takes time to fill them out, and even if employees pass the test with flying colors, this doesn’t mean they’ll work out as human assets to your business.

Sourcing Better Employees

Your IT services marketing division must hire individuals whose personalities naturally coincide with your organization’s directives, and that’s probably going to require a one-on-one interview of some variety. You’ll be better served if you approach interviews this way, than trying to fit a bunch of round employee pegs into the square peg of a personality test.

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