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MSP Business, MSP Rules | February 17, 2017

An MSP Business Must Look for Relevant Guest Blog Partners Because One Guest Blog Is Worth Hundreds of Regular Articles!

msp businessGuest Blogs

An MSP business with continuously updated blogs will see a lot more business than one without. But it’s not enough to start featuring blogs on your page, or a private site you or your company runs. You want to get into the guest blogging game.

A guest blog has already built up a massive following. When you put a post onto this blog, you tap into that following. The blog gets additional content, furthering legitimacy, and you’re able to advertise before a larger audience. Statistically, you’ll see results. If you only see one “activation” per three hundred “views,” imagine how effective it could be to find yourself in front of an audience 500,000 strong. If even 10% of them end up reading your blog, you’re looking at a statistical threshold of 50,000 from which, using the conservatively-imagined earlier number, would yield you 166+ sales. If you can continuously utilize this advantage, you’re likely to see substantial profit over time.

As you post on a guest blog with a substantial following, you’re going to find your authority pertaining to a given keyword will steadily increase. In order to become a top-ranking blogger with certain keywords, you’re going to need lots of traffic. This helps individuals and search engine algorithm bots determine your status as an authority on the subject. If you’re guest-blogging on a website with an established audience, and using a back link in your posts, you’ll definitely see results.


Your MSP business needs to be careful. Blogs can’t be contrived, they can’t be “spun” and stuffed with keywords. Spun content saturated with keywords trips “wires” in a search engine bot’s algorithmic codes, and thus relegates your site to a Search Engine Results Page so far down the line that no one will see it. SERP ranking requires “playing within the rules.”

All content on a blog, guest or personal, must be originally derived. You can’t source it from some syndicated option. The way search engines work has to do with matching similar content to its source material. Even a keyword-saturated syndicated article is more likely to lead back to the company that produced it than your MSP. Certainly, there are exceptions to this rule (as there are anywhere), but generally, what you’re going to want to focus on is the authorship of original, unique, actionable content. That means content which can be liked, shared, and utilized for more than just its advertising merit. There must be information in there that’s useful.

In Closing

There are no shortcuts, only those paths which appear to be a shortcut. Until it develops, you must traverse some impossible canyon invisible from the path’s start… it would’ve been better to go around. The same applies to the modern online marketing environment. If you want your MSP business to succeed, it’s best if you get a guide for the marketing trails up the mountain of success. This guide should include services like:

• Original content authorship
• Guest blogging facilitation
• An established content creation process
• Professional experience and acumen in online marketing
• Successful clients who have benefited from marketing services

At MSP SEO Factory, we can help create original, keyword-rich content that will be posted on established guest blogs, and can definitely increase your SERP ranking, leading to actionable leads. For more information on how we can help your business, contact us today.

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