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MSP Marketing | August 5, 2016

Every Local MSP Marketing Ecosystem Is Completely Unique!

Turtle underwater in ecosystemEvery ecosystem in nature is unique as some have dangerous predators and others don’t. Each local MSP marketing ecosystem is also quite different, as some have sharks that fully understand the latest Internet marketing concepts and are vicious competitors, while other ecosystems are less competitive because they only have docile lifeforms that are still operating on outdated Internet marketing concepts.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

The key to success is knowing which ecosystem you’re operating in and being prepared for the competition. That’s why you don’t let the sharks devour all your Internet marketing efforts! Whether your budget towers like a mountain or is sinking underwater, you must embrace inbound marketing in a way that at least gives you visibility in search engines.

The websites at the top of the food chain of search rankings evolve to that level not by chance. Websites at the top of search results get there usually by emphasizing niche keywords.

Survival of the Fittest Websites

You cannot expect to swim with the sharks if your content is like a fluffy squid, but you can expect to be eaten by sharks if you don’t develop a spine that structures your web content. In order to survive the rat race of chasing new technology, you need a solid SEO ecosystem as part of your MSP marketing strategy.

While there is no such thing as guaranteed high search ranking, you can increase your odds to be the king of the online marketing jungle by exhibiting authority and following simple steps, such as:

• create an original blog that demonstrates your expertise
• give your followers a way to interact with your blog
• use multiple marketing channels to promote your content
• stay away from any techniques that Google might view as duplication
• use keywords and links that are relevant to your site
• stay focused on regularly developing fresh content
• expand your family of connections by guest blogging

Evolution of a Blog

Blogs tend to start out like microorganisms and over many cycles of content creation, blossom into a content ecosystem of interlinked pages. Try planting the seeds of keywords into web pages and then watch the content grow over time. It’s ok if some of your blogs are mutations compared with your general theme, but remember that relevance plays a key role in the generation of traffic.

Usually it’s a good idea to make your site as human as possible so that it connects with other humans, creating one big happy family of like-minded followers. The key is to practice thought leadership and avoid any monkey-see, monkey-do characteristics that imitate other online content. The last thing you need is to parrot other blogs.

At the same time, you want search bots to recognize this ecosystem. That way they can chemically react with keywords to create a cause and effect relationship between quality content and users feeding their hunger for knowledge. The blog should be driven by new life on a daily or weekly basis with fresh content.


The DNA of MSP marketing partly depends on how well you are able to learn from the dinosaurs of last century’s Internet not to waste time and energy on irrelevant web content and connections. Contact MSP SEO Factory to learn how to stay up to date with today’s constantly evolving web technology.

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